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Advanced Effect Maker - JQuery and HTML5 image generator powered effects (Legacy product)

Mandomartis offering a new technology

Have you sweared about fuzzing about browser compatibility when using fonts on the web? Have you designed a nice bar menu and struggled with cutting the images and HTML tables in order to get everything to fit?

Mandomartis, the creators of Effect Maker, understands your problems and have developed a unique technology that will simplify your life, at least when regards to scrollers and navigation menus. We now offer you the next step in the evolution of the web page effect design!

JQuery in your hands, even if you don't know any JavaScript

With the marriage of the JQuery JavaScript platform, the Visual Applet Configurator's user friendly applet configuration system and with a powerful image generator, our effect developers can with ease create effects based on stretchable button images. Buttons can be stretched and distorted all you want, still keeping those nice corners. The image generator also generates unique images for each menu item with the fonts of your choosing which you select from installed fonts on your Windows OS or Mac OS, thus no longer forces you to restrict your selection to "web friendly" fonts. The example below is a JQuery powered button menu in live action:

This example above shows IGButtonMenu, which is a single level menu using the "stencil" font.

Multi level navigation menus

But what about multiple levels? Here's where the Visual Applet Configurator's button generator shines. It can take a menu structure looking like this :

JQuery with Image generator powered menu structure in Visual Applet Configurator

and generate something like this :




This menu is IGRoundBorderMenu2 three-level menu. The button generator has taken an image, stretched and image processed it and then printed the selected menu items. The image has then been cut into separate images automatically by the generator and saved into the project folder. You just then upload this folder into your server, upload and include the js files and you are done!

Also, as you can see from the following picture, you can specify different fonts and colours for each of the three levels:

Color and font selection possibilities for JQuery Visual Applet Configurator powered JavaScript effects

This technology is now available in Visual Applet Configurator 2.5 Beta 1 which is distributed in Effect Maker 2.5 Commercial Edition. The next step in the development queue are scrollers based on this technology.

NOTE! These effects are beta versions and may not work fully on all web browser yet.


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