Browse our effects:

Browse our effects

Our legacy effects can be found at this location instead.

Slide Shows

Shuffle Show

Shuffle your slides like a card deck with this effect

Water Drop Show

Let drops of water fall on your slides with one big splash showing the next.

Text Overlay Show

A cool slide-in show with a description text for each image

Console Image

Show your slides in a console

Rotating Slide Show

Rotate your slides with this slide show

Image Fader

Fade images against each other with this slide show


Scramble Message

Your message is hurrying to scramble in and out

Falling Text

Your message is falling down!

Lightning Message

Let the god of thunder strike your message!

Exploding Message

The perfect messenger if you are a pyromaniac web designer

Matrix Message

Let some mystical scrambled drops make your message appear

Code Breaker Message

Break the code of your texts with this messenger

Console Text

Your message in a console

Text Fader

Fade texts against each other with this messenger with multiple lines support


Rotating Gallery

The classic Rotating Gallery effect which has been so popular with our users.

Panorama Image

Let your visitors browse in your panoramic image with a real perspective feeling

Grid Gallery

Setup your images on a grid and let your visitors browse around


Horizontal Scroller

This is a ticker or scroller which scrolls your message horizontally

Vertical Scroller

This is scroller which scrolls your text upwards

Image Scroller

In this scroller you can scroll your image gallery vertically and horizontally.

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