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About Effect Maker

Have you ever dreamed about doing Javascript effects for your web site, but never had the knowledge to do any programming?

The Effect Maker by Mandomartis solves this problem for you. With this service, you don't need to know JavaScript. Here, you select the effect you would like for your page(s), customize it using our user friendly software, and the software creates the effect for you which can be inserted into your HTML page, into your wordpress posts or into your Sharepoint pages as a web part. You receive a ready-to-use JavaScript JS file with an HTML file for that specific JS-file. The only work is to put the HTML tags on the HTML file in your page(s) and put the js file with corresponding images on your web server.

"The Effect Maker is Mandomartis' most ambitious project to date. We have seen that there is a great need for Javascript effects in the web designer community. But not everyone has the mind to learn JavaScript. We want to offer them finished effects that they can customize for their pages by themselves, without the process costing a fortune. At Mandomartis, we have professional experience with advanced Java and Flash effect development since 1996. However, we see that JavaScript powered by JQuery is now mature enough to take over this role. It is already a good alternative to Java and Flash effects. "

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