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This page lists services and tools that you may make use of as a web designer and which we recommend:

flash programming Katakombe is an affiliate of Effect Maker. They sell a CD which is very useful if you want to promote your site. We are using that CD to promote Effect Maker.
Go to Windows XP Icons to get icons for our Flash and JavaScript menu effects. Get a cool clipart collection which will perfectly complement your menus with beautifully designed icons.
free web flash We recommend Anfy 2.0. The Java applet collection from the world leading and legendary applet company and Java veterans: Anfy Team. Anfy 2.0 currently contains 52 high quality Java applets of all types. Download the shareware version today and start putting Anfy applets on your homepage!
free html templates ScriptSearch is the definitive biggest and most famous Flash, Java and JavaScript directory. There's no doubt that you will find what you need there.
VRInspection let's you step inside 360 panoramic images and view 3D objects, photos, slideshows and animations. Use interactive floorplans, maps and hotspot links to images.

Other Sites We Recommend:

javascript date Johnston Web Master Resource Links - One of the most important and veteran webmaster link collections on the Internet.
spreadsheet applet 1000 Web Site Tools - This site provides only the best resources for webmasters to help build, maintain and promote web sites.
create a flash movie Webmaster Tools Central - A webmaster's directory of 1300+ tools and services to help build, promote, improve and maintain websites.
create a flash movie DownloadFrom.US - Download quality software from our Effect Maker download host.
create a flash movie Live Programming - The site from Mandomartis, the creators of Effect Maker with Flash effects and clipart, Java e-books and web design resources.
create a flash movie Mandomartis - The creators of Effect Maker


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