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Effect Maker's Water Drop Show Effect

In this effect inspired by Fabio Ciucci's and Anfy Team's famous Water Java effect you see drops of water falling on your slides. With a big splash, the image is changed to the next. An effect displaying the power of real time JavaScript Canvas image processing. However, note that it requires a powerful computer to run this. We recommend that you keep the number of drops to a low number and the area of the effect to a minimum size. A completely free effect included in all versions of Effect Maker.

The following features can be set:


Included in the products:

  Basic Edition Pro Edition
Effect Maker for Sharepoint (App) included included
Effect Maker for Wordpress (Plugin) included included
Effect Maker for Windows included included
Effect Maker for Mac OS X included included


Version 1.0
Developed by Anibal Wainstein



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