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Note that these downloads are the Flash based versions of the Effect Maker.



We have created the Award Winning Advanced Effect Maker with the Visual Applet Configurator. You just install it to your own computer and you will be able to make the same Flash applets and JavaScript effects that are in the online version. We have three editions, one is the commercial edition which currently contains 234 effects, another is the hobby edition which currently contains 70 effects and the other is the freeware edition that contains 40 effects. The following features are supported:

displacement applets Unlimited creation of Flash and JavaScript effects for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

displacement applets Convert True Type Fonts and use them in your effects (only available in Windows platforms).

displacement applets The commercial edition has 234 effects, the hobby edition has 70 effects and the free edition has 40 effects.



Version 2.0 of Advanced Effect Maker contains the following improvements to version 1.5:

displacement applets The application is now plugin based and you can extend it with more downloaded plugins by clicking on the "+" button or going to the File menu.

displacement applets Create, publish and sell your OWN applet packages using the new plugin maker. JavaScript and Java applets can be created easily and Flash applets requires Flash 5 with the Generator Extensions.

displacement applets Full Java(TM) applet support in addition to JavaScript and Macromedia Flash effects

displacement applets A new screenshot based applet menu interface with internal applet preview window

displacement applets The software is now also available in Swedish. Later on we plan on releasing a Spanish and maybe also an Italian version.

displacement applets 20 new applets (in Commercial Edition) and 50 updates to existing applets. When regards to updates, this time we have aimed in improving the loadMovie compatibility of our applets (compatibility with Macromedia Flash projects), better hand cursor support and ability to disable URLs in slide shows or messengers.

displacement applets Some other minor changes are that the tree field has been enhanced, you can now set the project folder, Mac version changes technology to Eclipse SWT to make it more similar to the Windows version, insert button has been added to the multiple file selection field, e.t.c.

Software requirements :

Operating Systems : Windows 98,2000, NT4, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OS 10.2
Java Runtime 1.4.
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera or Netscape with Flash Player 5 (or later) installed


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