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As a free member you will be able to access our freeware Flash applets. You will have a limited access to fonts and no personal file folder, but you will be able to use the full features of the applets you select and be able to download them and use them on your page without any restriction. This account has an expiration time of 90 days, but it will be renewed each time you log in. After confirming your registration, you will receive an e-mail with an activation link. Click on the link to activate your account. Note that by registering as a freeware user you will receive our mailing letter with information about newly released applets. However, you can unsubscribe at any time. To register, you must have read and acccepted the freeware user licence agreement:


To register and to use our system, your browser MUST ACCEPT COOKIES. Go to your security settings and enable cookies. We only use cookies to store the systems session ID. Please enter the following information to register:

Please select a user name with at least 8 characters. Select a password with at least 8 characters and at least 1 number.

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