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TransitionShow Help (Legacy)

This slide show has a stunning 17 effects for you to choose from.

Selecting Images

Don't use images that are too big. Note that these images will be included into the SWF file, and it may swell to enormous proportions. Try modifying the compression setting to decrease the SWF file size.

Setting colors

The background color will not have any effect on the applet, except for the applet initialization and loading phases. Use the border color to set the color of the border.

Selecting effects

There are 17 effects that you can selet for the slide show. Chose the same amount of effects as you have images. Each effect will be used for each image. In the "Other" tab, you can also enable the random effect setting, which will let the effects you selected to be applied randomly to the images.

Setting the URL

You can have one URL that will be invoked when you click on the slide show.

The border

Here you can enable the border and set it's thickness.

Transition speed and delay

These settings will set the speed of transition and the pause before the next transition is applied. These two settings can also be set to random, if you enable the "random speed" and "random delay" check boxes.


Due to a limitation in Flash Player 5.0, you can have a maximum of only 200 images in the Flash applet. More than that, and the applet will not work.

Other settings

There are other settings that are discussed on the following topics from the Advanced Effect Maker documentation:

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