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ScrollInMenu Help (Legacy)

This menu will fade and scroll in your menu items at the same time, thus giving a catchy initial animation for the menu. You can display your menu items vertically or horizontally.

Adding menu items and URLs

Enter each menu item and its corresponding URL into their respective text field. Make sure you have the same number of menu items as you have URLs. See the section Entering Text Or Files for more information about entering menu items.

The menu colors

You can set a varierity of colors in this menu. This menu works in two ways, you can either have a background image for all the menu items, or you can have just text items. The highlight color will be used for the mouse over effects.

Horizontal or Vertical placement of the menu items

This setting is important, it lets you display the menu items on a single line (horizontal mode) or on a column (vertical mode). Make sure you set the displacement parameters correctly.

Displacement, Item size and Animation speed

The vertical and horizontal displacements are used to displace the items from the top and left sides respectively, this is measured in pixels. The horizontal displacement should be larger than the item width if you are using the horizontal menu item placement mode. The vertical displacement must be larger than the menu item height if you have unselected the horizontal mode. The menu item width and height are the dimensions of the menu items in pixels.
The animation speed will set the speed scrolling effect and the mouse over effect. Values between 2-10 are recommended.

Background Images

You can specify a menu item background image for the applet. Specifying a background image will override the background color.


Due to a limitation in Flash Player 5.0, you can have a maximum of 200 menu items in the Flash applet. More than that, and the applet will not work.

Other settings

There are other settings that are discussed on the following topics from the Advanced Effect Maker documentation:

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Version history

1.1 : Added support for the ActionScript LoadMovie() command, which means that the effect can now be inserted into Macromedia Flash FLA projects. You can now load other .swf files or disable the links by entering empty links.


Anibal Wainstein


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