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EllipseMenu Help (Legacy)

This is a two-level menu in which the main items has elliptical form. When you move the mouse across a top level item, the sub items will appear, if there are any.

Setting Colors

This menu has a large number of colors that you can set. You can set the background color, the top level and sub level text normal and highlight colors, the item bar and finally the item background colors.

Adding menu items and URLs

It is very important that you read the section Working With Tree Fields in the VAC manual. This section tells you how to include the menu items and how to use the tree field.


Here you can configure the size of the font for the main and sub items, and the type of font to be used.

Main and Sub Item width and height

Specify the item width and item height here. You will be able to specify this for both main and sub items.

Background image

This effect supports a background image to make it fit your web design. Using the background image will replace the background color setting.

Other settings

There are other settings that are discussed on the following topics from the Advanced Effect Maker documentation:

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Version history

1.1 : Added support for the ActionScript LoadMovie() command, which means that the effect can now be inserted into Macromedia Flash FLA projects. You can now load other .swf files or disable the links by entering empty links.


Anibal Wainstein


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