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Here is our definition of a flash applet.

Using flash instead of
Java applets

There are advantages and disadvantages of using flash instead of Java.

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Effect Maker now available for Sharepoint and Wordpress!

Effect Maker has been spinned off to Sharepoint and Wordpress with a full integration into these systems and with full support for new JavaScript technologies. Click here to get it now!



Advanced Effect Maker 2.5 Beta 1 released

A new version of Advanced Effect Maker with the Visual Applet Configurator (2.5 Beta 1) was released with powerful new features like the image reduction system and effect of the moment! Also, with the Commercial and Hobby Editions now have new JQuery JavaScript effects powered with the VAC's UNIQUE button generator. Click here to download it! Checkout the other new features in the new VAC 2.5 Beta 1!


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Effect Maker for Wordpress and Sharepoint
A spinoff from the Effect Maker software. Fully integrated with either Wordpress or Sharepoint

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